There are some places where, since the moment you step foot there, it just feels like home… For me, it’s Rougemarin, a bistro a bit out of the center or, at least, the routes we’re used to, but still, close enough. Couple years ago when I was on my way to Zagreb from Split and trying to kill time by reading newspapers, I remember seeing an interview with a young chef who had plans to open the first real burger bar in Zagreb with everything made from scratch. I was reading the interview and thinking ‘Wow! I have to try that when it opens!’. After some time it came to my mind and I immediately went to search the internet trying to find a burger bar with that description… And it was Rougemarin, the young chef was Marin Medak. I rushed there to try it out and fell in love with it… I just thought: ‘Finally!! A real burger patty! And it’s not overcooked!!’


Rougemarin started out as a small burger bar, but soon turned into a pretty big and really popular bistro. It’s the place to be for all the foodies. In a nice and cozy, modern interior, full of details reminiscent of the ex light bulb factory, surrounded by food lovers, laughs and nice music, you can’t do anything else but enjoy food, especially when you know how much effort there is behind every menu. The classics of Rougemarin’s menu are the burgers, but the à la carte menu changes completely every month and is always a mixture of modern and international influences, bringing to us a lot of dishes we had no opportunity to try in Zagreb. From time to time, they organize guest chef evenings when some of our renowned chefs prepare creative, modern prix-fixe dinners  and every Saturday the legendary mini burger parties are on for us to enjoy. Rougermarin has recently gotten a new member to the team, a chef with a lot of experience in Asian cuisine, bringing a new, fresh Asian note to the table and introducing a new concept of sushi evenings.



A lot of lunches I’ve eaten there, a lot of evenings and celebrations spent there, and everything always turned out perfect… The concept of the owner, the effort behind the bistro, the driven young people who make it happen, nice food and a lot of imagination, it just makes me always go back and enjoy it like it’s the first time.




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